Why Networking Solutions?

The Top Five Reasons Small and Medium Sized Businesses currently use Networking Solutions as their Full Time Outsourced IT Department:

Ø  They all get an exceptional IT department that doesn’t require any time to manage AND our superb Engineering Team has seen every problem imaginable because we service so many companies across diverse markets.

Ø  Our Clients are not at the mercy of one person. All work done on our Clients network is carefully documented in a detailed and traceable manner. Networking Solutions never calls in sick and has no need for personal or vacation days.

Ø  Our clients enjoy lower technology maintenance costs.

Ø  Small and Medium size businesses have full access to "enterprise level" tools and technical knowledge that reduces exposure to service outages and hardware failures.

Ø  Networking Solutions clients have an entire IT department for a fraction of the cost of a single full time clerical employee.

We are responsible for designing, developing, installing and managing information networks.With the help of strategic partnerships with vendors of all hardware and networking companies like 3com,

Cisco, Compaq, IBM, Dax, Dlink. Arete Technologies can provide advanced network systems architecture, leading-edge applications, streamlined communications, and cost-effective network solutions.

We assist clients with any networking project or service requirement such as:

Ø  Network Design and Review

Ø  Network Audit and Review

Ø  Network Upgrades

Ø  Network Relocation

Ø  Internet Connectivity for corporate

Ø  Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation

Ø  Specialist hosting (high availability, web-scale hosting, fussy stack)

Ø  24/7 support (expert engineers available around the clock)

Ø  Experts in open source systems and network automation

Ø  Proactive Management anticipates problems before they happen

Ø  Open source implementation

Ø  Linux implementation

Ø  Mail server and proxy server implementation


At Dega Technologies, we’re technology experts. And we’re also the experts when it comes to the hardware applications on which many of our solutions run.

 We know the specs of the hardware our solutions require, and we can work with you not only to understand system requirements and your institution’s needs, but also to deliver and install new equipment and provide service and support after the sale.

When it comes to price, Dega Technologies wraps your equipment with expertise, support and service – and still delivers it, in many cases, at a lower price than you could purchase on your own.

 Dega Technologies has the purchasing power necessary to drive preferred reseller relationships with vendors, which ultimately means the best possible price for you.

Leading Vendors Can Be Your Vendors                                                         

Leverage Dega Technologies relationships with vendors such as the following to get the best possible solution to meet your technology needs:

Plus, in addition to working with these vendors for hardware that meets your specific needs, Dega Technologies offers a variety of best-practice-oriented services, including:

Ø  LAN optimization

Ø  Business continuity

Ø  Workstation configuration

Ø  Enterprise technology solution planning

For all your hardware needs both now and in the future, Dega Technologies Hardware Solutions professionals can analyze your needs and environment and determine the best, most cost effective hardware for your organization.